mo man tai strongly believes in cooperation, in a limitless mindset, in designing boundless and realizing something tangible.

We are here to shape what you want to express, what you want to show and/or what you want to experience. We also want to share our knowledge. We like to explore and in our view nothing is impossible through our in-house expertise and broad external network.
You can contact us for concept development, graphic design, product-, furniture- and interior design, for devising new strategies within organizations, for visual story telling and for immersive installations. A generalists’ offer through a full service experience.


Since 2005 studio mo man tai is  located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

In addition to design services as graphic and product design, studio mo man tai is also a strategic design studio. Together with our customers we create new strategies for organizations.

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Designing products is one of our main skills. From concept sketch to full foto-realistic rendering. From principle on a paper napkin to 3D-file to start development for production… We are here to shape what you want to express.
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Colours, graphics and patterns are our passion. We offer a wide range of branding and graphic design services. Logo design, visual identity, packaging, re-branding, business card, multimedia presentation and more.
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We tackle the urban environment as well as indoor and outdoor spaces on a small and large scale. We combine with cultural and artistic awareness, social engagement, economic responsibility and technical insight. Are you starting a new project?

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We have the flexibility to dream up, execute and design beautiful concepts that gives your project an extra ‘dimension’. We offer a wide range from strategy and concept, artwork and styling.
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Together with you we structure the go-to-market process from first idea, technological principle to an existing product and all the steps in between.
We want to share our knowledge and experience.
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The full-on ‘design thinking’ or co-creation approach towards true innovation; facilitation if needed and participation preferred.
We strongly believe in cooperation, in an limitless mindset, in designing boundless and realizing something tangible.

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This is a small selection of projects we realised in the last years. You can find more detailed information about our work, the cooperations with our business partners and current projects on our Instagram account.



As a label, mo man tai stands for colourful, for fun and for a pleasant DIY experience. More traditional and modern-day production techniques alternate or go hand in hand. We continuously develop new products with great pleasure. Curious about our collection?


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Thanks for your interest in our products.

Please feel free to browse through our mo man tai product portfolio – all images and videos can be downloaded. If you have specific questions or requirements please get in touch with us.

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Are you a reseller and interested in selling mo man tai products?

We have set up a B2B platform specially for our wholesale customers. We are confident it makes ordering easy, more flexible and transparent.

We ask you to register once first with your name, address, further contact details and your VAT number (for businesses in the EU). Orders are ‘tax free’ with a provided VAT number outside of the Netherlands, whether you are in the EU (‘intracommunitair’) or/and somewhere else in the world. We will check your details and ‘release’ your account; following European privacy guidelines and ensuring data security.
From that moment onwards placing wholesale orders with mo man tai is straightforward and simple. Our B2B site can be found here.

In case you have a question or if you are interested in one of our services…

Feel free to contact us through the form below or simply send an email.

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