Studio Visit | mo man tai

commissioned by Dutch Design Week 2020

Video: Blickfänger

Ulrike Jurklies

Owner and designer of/for mo man tai since 2000. She was initially trained as carpenter in Freudenstadt (Germany) and graduated as Dipl. Industrial Designer at FH München (Germany). During her studies and after her graduation she worked at a design agency in Hong Kong where she contributed to projects with local manufacturers. Through this cooperation she decided to start her own brand. A few years later she moved to the Netherlands and since 2005 the company is based in Eindhoven.

Apart from developing and maintaining the portfolio of mo man tai, Ulrike regularly teams up with various companies to curate installations and joint projects. These mostly start from personal themes and often embody colorful graphic and pattern design.

Paul Bas

With over 30 years of practice in the product design and UX profession, he worked at design studios in the Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong, across different industry sectors and product categories. Paul brings very broad, up to date and culturally relevant experience to any project and is a keen promotor of sustainability and circular economy.

Together with several teams well over 40 design awards were gathered and he personally contributed to patents for varying products. Apart from working for Philips he contributed to projects for/with Bose, Swarovski, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Ikea and others.