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“The perfect wave” project during Dutch Design Week 2019


An Emoves project, 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology allows for more form freedom in design.

Why not build the “perfect wave skate obstacle” in Eindhoven that every (skate)boarder wants to ride? The 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology allows for more form freedom in design. Even natural shapes like waves can be reproduced. Studio mo man tai explores the boundaries of 3D printing together with BAM Infra and Weber Beamix. We want to create obstacles for Urban Sports based on the concept that nature knows best. Skateboarding as we know it, was probably born when surfers in California wanted something to do when there were no waves. Much speaks for the use of 3D concrete printing to produce skate obstacles; it allows for more design freedom. Even made to measure or one-off forms are possible. Once a 3D file is created the design is (parametric) scaleable. The resulting objects fullfill all mechanical/physical requirements (like weather and vandalism proof, transportable and theft proof)


Video: Hardfield Productions

Durst Haptic 2.5D wallcovering

The collaboration with biobased supersize printing innovator BIG Impact gives the project an extra ‘dimension’. Colourful graphical patterns designed by Ulrike Jurklies will be shown on different embodiments. We are proud to showcase that printing in relief, is possible; Durst Haptic 2.5D is the first supersize print production relief printer in the world one of “The perfect wave” graphic designs will be presented on Walltex Biovate: the first biobased contract suited wallcovering developed by BIG impact.


In 2016 we were invited by Zweko Optics to investigate their production techniques and how these can be applied to explore new markets.

mo man tai Gradient Candles

In 2014, we improved the Gradient Candles and took them into production with professionals from the Bolsius group.
The result: a 100% handmade paraffin wax candle in the original design of mo man tai; produced in Roermond by the Dutch traditional candle manufacturer ‘Kaarsenfabriek Hoogeland-Kristen’.
Watch the production here.

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