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We have the flexibility to dream up, execute and design beautiful concepts that gives your project an extra ‘dimension’. We offer a wide range from strategy and concept, artwork and styling.
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material mood board for PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic 2022

@pyrasied asked us to create “different” material mood boards to stage part of their wide range of high quality acrylics.

This one is a arrangement of Versato® Myst acrylic – soft colours with a misty effect.

‘Inspired by MIRO ’

material mood board for PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic 2022

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.” ~ Joan Miro

@pyrasied asked us to create “different” material mood boards to stage part of their wide range of high quality acrylics.

This one is a playful arrangement of Greencast® acrylic made from 100% recycled pre- and post-consumer acrylic.

The mobile “Inspired by MIRO” will be on display @materialdistrict 5-7 April in Utrecht – The Netherlands

‘Too much is never enough’

An “out of the box” styling statement during Dutch Design Week 2021

Just because something is fun, bold and colourful doesn’t mean it can’t be environmentally friendly.

We are known for our colourful products and installations that often put a smile on people’s face, which you can never have enough of!
With visual expert Willemijn de Wit we will realize an exuberant installation in our studio where visitors are invited to also have a “glimpse behind the scenes”.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to create something that “makes sense” when you look at it…

Many things can be the starting point for a project; a leftover material, a production technique or a traditional process – that is what makes our job so exciting and enriching. We choose not to chase role models or trends and each of our designs ultimately tells a story. Design is so much; it’s about creativity, vision, culture, environment, past, present and future.
Together with visual storytelling and retail expert Willemijn de Wit we have conceived an exuberant installation, a visual retail statement that will be exhibited in our studio on the Hastelweg in Eindhoven.
We share a passion for colours, materials and haptics and complement each other with the search for new, creative and sustainable solutions. We also love to “get our hands dirty”, see how a design develops fysically while becoming more intuitive and hopefully more spectacular. And we believe it is important to nurture optimism! There is nothing more fulfilling than to create something that “makes sense” when you look at it or to create a piece that simply makes you happy.
The installation is completely made from leftover and recycled materials – showcasing some mo man tai products in a fun, bold and colourful way.

Supporting partners: BIG Impact and PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic

‘GoodVibes’ – at de Bijenkorf / Eindhoven

During Dutch Design Week 2021

The installation by studio mo man tai invites the visitors and the passing audience at the Bijenkorf to pause, reflect on the present time and to enjoy a colorful visual installation during Dutch Design Week 2021.
The dynamic, reflective objects are made in such a way that no waste or residual material remains. “We think this should be the standard, it’s up to us as designers to take responsibility for that.”; indicates Ulrike Jurklies. The installation will be on display in the shop window of Bijenkorf Eindhoven during October 2021.

Come Closer … as intimacy takes you to the next level

During Dutch Design Week 2020


Come a little bit closer

After months of social distancing we all crave for closeness.The space will offer multiple perspectives while inviting the visitor to collect his/her personal view.

Your eyes are attracted already

Upon entering the dark space an animated colorful object comes into view, reflecting light and space. The intent is visual entertainment with the optional brief moment of ‘reflection’.

Cross the space between us

Moving closer the visitor will see a fleeting image of him-/herself. Although the space is sparsely illuminated positive vibes will mix.

And the intimacy could take us to the next level

Keep developing, moving… not accept a status quo while reflecting on the reality outside. It is an invitation… an attempt to inspire.

Take a break to meet yourself

It’s a mesmerizing opportunity; the visitor has time to bask in the moment, capture his/her own personal, unique views and share those. Pictures taken all be different…

It’s you –  it’s always been you

The designers provide you with some positive energy, will make you smile and allow you to get closer to yourself. And from then on you decide… whether the good vibes will lighten the next instant of loneliness!


Location: Studio mo man tai  During Dutch Design Week 2020

Video: Hardfield Productions

‘See-through’ – de Bijenkorf / Eindhoven

De Bijenkorf Eindhoven invited Ulrike Jurklies to co-create a shop window installation showcasing her furniture and objects, known from the project ‘See-through’, presented during Dutch Design Week 2017.

All these products were made from leftover material from the production of colored plastic sheets. Because of the different color gradients during the process, every object is unique.

The print on textile was produced by large-format print expert BIG Impact, 100% made from recycled PET bottles, printed with water-based ink.

Photos by Jeroen van der Wielen

ORCHIDS ‘Mourning takes time’

During Dutch Design Week 2015, Willemijn de Wit and Ulrike Jurklies (mo man tai) created an opulent visual experience with their ‘Orchids’ installation, which was realized in collaboration with VG Colours and Big Impact. The stunning exhibition is influenced by an innovative way of treating orchids with colour, a technique that was introduced to the market in 2009. VG Colours is well-known for this unique technique and have specialized the technique further within the design field. A new biobased wall covering called Gluetex Biovate also features in the exhibition. This wallpaper is personalized here by the mo man tai graphic by Ulrike Jurklies, who designed the vibrant orchid pattern for use with this new biobased wallpaper, as well as for application on a curtain textile within the exhibition.

In addition to being a fascinating display of new materials and techniques, the designers explain that the orchid installations shows the changing beauty of colour-influenced flowers as a symbol of mourning, “visualizing the overwhelming feeling that temporarily takes control of the whole body,” they explain.

Supporting partners: VG Orchids and BIG impact supersize printing


A visual exploration of the modern day skate scene initiated by Willemijn de Wit, Sarah Mesritz & Ulrike Jurklies. Dutch Design Week 2014. Together with Willemijn de Wit and Sarah Mesritz we took care of this project in a comprehensive manner, from coming up with the concept, all throughout the project’s development, and taking care of all of the final details. We were also responsible for initiating and curating the exhibition, which involved the set up and organization of four small shows dedicated to specific themes in the world of design and skateboarding: Yann Gross, Jelle Tuinhout, Roos Meerman, Ruben van der Scheer, Crealev, all of which shared a common focus on an artisanal experimental approach to design, a theme that is also very near to my own vision.

Photography Dirk van den Heuvel Graphics George&Harrison 3D visuals Damon van Drimmelen

Supporting Partners: BIGImpact supersize printing and Skatepark Area 51

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